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Communication workshop: TED conferences

You certainly know about the TED conferences: they aim at disseminating ideas in the broadest way possible to change the world. Created in 1984 to promote science and technology topics – TED being the acronym of "technology, entertainment and design" – they represent a wealth of information and good ideas.

The videos of these conferences can be viewed for free on the Internet. Some of them have reached more than 40 million views! And since theses presentations are both clear and captivating, they have become a source of inspiration for many speakers.

On this basis, Agent Majeur has created a 2-hour workshop to understand the good practices implemented in these conferences. The first session took place in June, on the ArcelorMittal R&D site in Maizières-lès-Metz. In the room, more than 15 researchers and technicians analyzed conference excerpts. Then, based on a scientific article, they put themselves in the shoes of a communication trainer and imagined what resorts to use to do a TED conference.

That day, to complement the workshop, Alexia Benichou hosted a conference on the theme "Communication: know how to find your message" and a workshop entitled "Evaluate a scientific poster in 3 minutes". The objective was to analyze the posters on the basis of attractiveness and efficiency criteria.